New Website Launch

It’s a new website! With changes that will make navigating through an easy and exciting experience!

Using information from our dealers and employees, we have developed a user-friendly website with all the bells and whistles identified by our most loyal users. We’ve created a “Dealer’s Only” section for current dealers to house exclusive content and provide a dealer portal for easy communication. To help our partners with future new customers, we have also created a “Find a Dealer” page that only requires a zip code to connect a visitor with their local distributor.

Navigation is a breeze with easy to find icons that allow filtering by product and series. The colorful photography highlights students interacting and showcases unique configuration designs that identify cross-selling opportunities with coordinating colors and compatible products. Filtering by keywords will bring up a robust list of products and we’ve created a cart/list-building feature that saves your information even if you navigate away from the page.

We think we’ve thought of everything! So, check it out and see if you agree!