It was time. With MARCO’s rapidly expanding product line and the increasing interest in our colorful, affordable classroom furnishings, it was the perfect time for a brand refresh that reflects our great products and our values-driven culture.

To determine what we wanted our current and future customers to think or feel when they saw a new MARCO brand, we collected data through anonymous surveys of both our distributors and employees. The results gave a baseline of our perceived core strengths and identity. The goal was to learn how MARCO Group differentiated itself the minds of our customers and why our dealers choose us over competitors.

After slicing and dicing the survey results, research showed that MARCO’s deep commitment to customer service and quality were the key strengths noted by both employees and dealers. Competitive pricing, family ownership, providing American-made products as well as responsiveness, honesty, integrity and quality workmanship also ranked high both internally and by dealerships.

With a comprehensive list of positive company characteristics, we went to work on new branding– including a logo that would represent MARCO’s professional personality into the future.

We chose “MARCO Green” as the primary hue in our color pallet because color is so important to us as a company. We wanted a signature color that was fresh, vibrant and rich. One that is harmonious and represents renewal, energy, nature, confidence and success. It stands in bright contrast to the monochromatic black and gray in the “pie” illustration that represents MARCO’s Soft Seating products.

Our brand typeface was chosen specifically for its clean lines and bold, stylish feel—just like MARCO products! Made By MARCO, our new tagline, represents pride in our craftsmanship. We feel this statement says it all! Why we come to work every day and give it our all. Why we sweat the small stuff. We are proud of our name, our reputation and our commitment to customers. And we are dedicated to inspiring learning and encouraging collaboration through the creation and engineering of comfortable, innovative, and stylish classroom furnishings.